There are 3 Main Factors that contribute to your Ad Spend and Delivery.

The 3 factors that contribute to your ad delivery are your bid, relevance score, and “estimated action rates”. This means that the myth that the highest bid always wins is wrong. While cost has a weight in the overall equation the real heavy hitter in deciding if you get first place or not is if your ad is perceived by the algorithm as something that would actually interest the viewer.

How can I increase relevancy score?

The most effective way to lower your cost for ads is to increase your relevancy score. Your relevance score is calculated by weighing positive interaction with your ad (such as likes, comments, shares, and clicks) against negative interactions (like users hiding the ads or leaving negative comments). Posts and destination pages with higher engagement will get better placements, and this is reflected in a relevance score. As a result, you’ll see a decreased cost in cost per click.

Action list to Increase Your Relevancy Score:

  1. Create content that appeals to your audience
  2. Create content that is different than your competitors and gives a fresh look at your industry
  3. Encourage Engagement in your content