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We adopted a strategic approach, focusing on initiating the site with a core offering and creating an environment conducive to seamless expansion. Our goal was to provide Leadly with a flexible platform for effortless growth and a stress-free launch.


In the realm of technology, an easily understandable website for service offerings holds paramount significance. In a landscape often characterized by complex jargon and intricate solutions, an accessible website acts as the gateway for potential clients or users to comprehend and engage with the offered services.

With a captivating design, integrated payment solutions, membership features, and a lead generation funnel, the platform serves as a solid foundation for Leadly’s digital aspirations. This strategic approach ensures a smooth launch while laying the groundwork for future enhancements and expansion with ease.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Custom Design: Crafted a distinctive and user-centric design reflecting Leadly’s digital product and core services.
  • Streamlined Stripe Integration: Integrated Stripe payment processing for secure and efficient online transactions.
  • Membership Functionality: Implemented membership features to control user access and enhance personalized experiences.
  • Recurring Payment System: Established a user-friendly recurring payment system to support subscription-based services.
  • Comprehensive CMS Training: Provided comprehensive content management system training for easy updates and scalability.
  • Lead Page Style Funnel: Developed a lead page style funnel to enhance lead generation and customer acquisition.

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