Multi-Business Member Spa

Our endeavor centered on elevating Harmony Wellness, a sanctuary where business owners shine, through an extensive website transformation.

Focused on enhancing the spa's digital presence and functionality, our team undertook a multifaceted approach to revamp the online experience.

Harmony Wellness

This client provides a unique destination where multiple business owners provide an eclectic blend of expertise and services to give clients a premium salon experience.

This website features a unique page for each business owner where they can feature their favorite products and their services all while staying connected to the overall website. This makes it easy for customers to see services offered by their favorite business owner and allow them to see what else is available.

The revitalized Harmony Wellness website now stands as a beacon of tranquility and professionalism. With a unique custom design, intuitive navigation, integrated eCommerce capabilities, and informative business pages, it presents a welcoming and user-centric platform. Our focus on enhancing the online experience empowers both spa patrons and business owners, fostering a harmonious environment where wellness and success converge.

Key Features:

  • Unique Custom Design: Creating a bespoke design that resonates with the essence of Harmony Wellness, setting it apart in the industry.
  • New Sitemap Navigation: Implementing a streamlined and intuitive navigation system for easy exploration of services and content.
  • Wix to WordPress Elementor Transfer: Seamlessly transferring the website to WordPress Elementor for enhanced flexibility and design capabilities.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Introducing seamless eCommerce functionality through WooCommerce to facilitate product sales.
  • Vagaro Scheduling: Integrating Vagaro scheduling system for smooth appointment management and client convenience.
  • Product Population: Populating the website with a diverse range of products, ensuring a comprehensive spa experience for visitors.
  • CMS/eCommerce Store Training: Providing comprehensive training for efficient content management and eCommerce store operation.
  • Unique Business Pages for Each Member: Designing unique business pages for individual members, highlighting their specialties.
  • Easy to Update Admin Panel: Developing an intuitive admin panel for easy content updates and maintenance.
  • Integrated Blog Articles: Integrating an engaging blog section for informative and engaging content on spa services and wellness.

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