Roller Derby Redesign

In collaboration with Thunder City Derby Sirens, the local roller derby team in DeLand, our mission was to rebrand their website to align with their fresh identity. The primary objective was to spotlight team members, promote merchandise, and offer fans a seamless experience for purchasing tickets.

Thunder City Derby Sirens

In today’s digital age, the significance of a well-designed website for recreational sports leagues cannot be overstated. These online platforms play a vital role in not only attracting new talent but also in captivating sponsors and boosting game day attendance. By serving as comprehensive recruitment hubs, showcasing sponsorship opportunities, and effectively promoting game days, these websites become essential tools for community engagement and growth within recreational leagues.

They act as a digital storefront, amplifying brand visibility, while also serving as centralized information hubs, keeping members informed and engaged. In summary, these dynamic websites are the linchpins driving recruitment, sponsorship, and game day attendance, fostering thriving and interconnected recreational league communities.

The revamped Thunder City Derby Sirens website showcases a dynamic blend of modern design and functionality. With the transition to Elementor and WordPress, coupled with WooCommerce integration and secure payment processing, the site now offers an enhanced user experience.

The seamless addition of team member profiles and game schedules fosters engagement and interaction with fans. This transformation not only aligns with the team’s rebranding but also elevates their online presence, making merchandise and ticket purchasing effortless and enjoyable for their loyal supporters.

Key Objectives:

  • Amplifying Online Merchandise and Ticket Sales: Thunder City Derby Sirens aimed to expand their online merchandise and streamline ticket purchasing for their fan base.
  • Platform Transition to Elementor and WordPress: Transferred the website to Elementor on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for improved design flexibility and functionality.
  • Seamless eCommerce Integration: Integrated WooCommerce and facilitated product population to enhance the team’s online merchandise store.
  • Secure Payment Integration: Integrated Square payment processing to ensure secure and efficient transactions for purchases.
  • Training for CMS/eCommerce Store Management: Conducted comprehensive training sessions for efficient content and store management.
  • Custom Post Types and Schedule Integration: Implemented custom post types and seamlessly integrated schedules for easy access to team member profiles and game schedules.

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