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By presenting a user-friendly platform, system integrators facilitate informed decision-making, allowing customers to explore and select specific hardware configurations that align with their needs. Moreover, an accessible website enhances credibility, showcasing the integrator's expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. This optimized online presence not only attracts potential clients but also fosters trust, positioning the system integrator as a reliable source for personalized computing solutions in a competitive market landscape.

Mike Likes That

With an unwavering focus on delivering personalized computing solutions, this project aimed to revolutionize the digital platform. The spotlight was on creating an intuitive and versatile website, offering a spectrum of pre-built and customizable computer options.

This transformational initiative sought to marry cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, crafting an immersive online space where tech enthusiasts could explore, customize, and procure their ideal computing systems. Through a harmonious fusion of innovation and accessibility, the project endeavored to elevate Mike Likes That as a premier destination for tailored computer builds, ushering in a new era of bespoke tech solutions.

This transformative project solidifies Mike Likes That’s position as a leading provider of custom-built computers. The fusion of captivating design, robust e-commerce functionalities, and strategic analytics tools positions the brand for sustained growth, improved customer engagement, and seamless accessibility to tailored computing solutions.

Key Achievements:

  • Stunning Custom Design: Developed an aesthetically appealing and tailored design, reflecting the uniqueness of Mike Likes That’s custom computer offerings.
  • WordPress CMS Integration: Integrated a robust WordPress Content Management System (CMS), enabling streamlined content management for swift updates and user-friendly navigation.
  • WooCommerce Integration with Product Population: Incorporated WooCommerce for the extensive population of products, showcasing a variety of pre-built and customizable computer options.
  • CMS/eCommerce Store Training: Provided comprehensive training sessions to empower the Mike Likes That team in effectively managing the CMS and eCommerce store for seamless website administration.
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics Setup: Implemented robust analytics tools, including Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics, for insightful data tracking and informed decision-making.
  • Facebook Ads: Strategically leveraged Facebook Ads to enhance brand visibility and reach, targeting potential customers interested in personalized computer solutions.
  • Variable Product Combinations and Bundle Product Setup: Enabled variable product combinations and bundle product options, allowing customers to tailor their computer builds based on individual preferences and needs.

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