Sarasota Website Design for Spa Overview

Arajee Skincare was in need of a facelift, so she called Lead Nerds. This Sarasota Website design needed to reflect the uniqueness of this local establishment. We were able to listen to her needs and quickly transformed the website into an easy-to-use, unique first impression for clients. The new site had an intuitive design that made booking appointments easier than ever before; clients were even able to pay for their services in a single click!

The site was built with WordPress CMS, which is a great platform for any business that wants to have an easy-to use website and blog! It also has some really cool features you can use on your posts including adding videos straight into articles; this will make our client’s blogs more interactive by letting readers see what they’re talking about rather just reading words alone.

Starting with Design

The new design had clean lines inspired by nature’s beauty; the colors were soft yet vibrant at once – just like Sarasota itself in springtime when all of its flowers are blooming beautifully on trees lining Main Street downtown. We wanted it feel as if we’re taking clients right into this natural tranquil world through our designs so they could enjoy every moment from scheduling their first appointment all the way to leaving a review from their recent visit.

Design elements we used include subtle pattern backgrounds with a paper touch. We heightened the paper feel by adding off black cursive brush stroke text to the website. With these features it appears as if you are reading a magazine rather than just another website. Accenting the neutral tones is a bright green that stands out but still adds a overall grounding feel to the experience.

With this Sarasota Website Design we wanted to make sure to capture the spa’s beauty in its entirety. Businesses that are local and independent deserve our support because these businesses invest in the community where they live. That’s why we always try to provide them with the best tools for success.

Elements within the Local Sarasota Website Design

The new site also featured a blog that was easy to read and is updated regularly to help with their search engine optimization. The spa’s social media pages were integrated into the website, so clients could easily find their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram for more updates about specials they offer!

Integrations are so important for local businesses so customers know how to following you and share your content to their friends. One of the most important things for local businesses is making sure they’re integrated into their community.

We made sure their blog was transferred from Blogger to the new WordPress website with utmost care. We created an easy-to view Service Page with Scheduler Integration, which is a great way for them and clients alike be able schedule appointments online without having any hassle of phone calls or emails!

Finally, we integrated their existing Ecwid store, which is a great way for them to sell products online. The customer’s home becomes a spa when they purchase products online. They can enjoy the benefits of their purchases without even leaving the comfort of their own homes. We also added an easy-to use shopping cart that allows clients the ability of purchasing items on site without having any hassle!

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We hope you enjoyed reading about our Sarasota spa client Arajee Skincare’s Website Redesign. If there is anything we can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us!