Tech Integration Consulting

We work as your fractional tech department to implement the processes you need to scale. Focus on what you do best and leave the tech to us.


Optimized Processes for Seamless Operations

We specialize in optimizing and enhancing your existing processes. Whether it’s revamping your technology stack or fine-tuning control processes and policies, we’ll ensure smoother operations that drive efficiency and productivity.

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New Tech Integration

“New Ideas” is one of our core values and we know how important it is that any new technology or software you wish to integrate into your business works smoothly with the rest of your departments. We can help you through the identification to the implementation of your new tech.

Documentation, Problem Resolution, and Innovation

At Lead Nerds, our primary focus is on empowering you, our valued clients, through comprehensive documentation and dedicated problem-solving strategies. We understand the dynamic nature of technology, where not every solution comes with a ready-made tutorial or process. When technology hits roadblocks, we step in to swiftly resolve issues or adapt strategies to ensure your objectives are achieved. You can rely on us to proactively address challenges without constant guidance, leveraging our independent thinking and expertise to drive your success.

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Our Process

Our process to help you integrate new tech processes and systems into your business is designed to be thorough, effective, and customer-centric.

Free Consultation

In this free 20-minute consultation, we work to understand your current business operations, your goals, and any issues you may be experiencing to see if your business is a good fit for a Workflow Visual Roadmap Session.

Preparation for the Full Visual Roadmap Session

Post-consultation, our team takes the information gathered and prepares for the full visual roadmap session. This involves creating a preliminary layout and identifying key areas of focus based on your input. This helps us identify existing and future tech systems.

One-Hour Session

This is where the real magic happens! In a one-hour session, we dive deeper into your operations. We ask pertinent questions, ensuring every aspect of your workflow is considered. We then create your Workflow Visual Roadmap, incorporating an optional implementation plan for automation.

Review and Cleanup

After the one-hour session, we take the time to review the roadmap. We refine it, iron out any wrinkles, and add details as necessary, ensuring the final product is a comprehensive and accurate representation of your operations.


Finally, we present the polished Workflow Visual Roadmap to you. This blueprint not only visualizes your operations but also outlines the route towards process optimization and automation, ready to guide your business towards its operational efficiency goals.

Your Trusted Nerds

Our team enjoys exploring the latest in technology and using it to assist your business. We’re well-versed in what’s new because we’ve had hands-on experience, and we’re here to guide you, just like a helpful friend. We’ll not only introduce you to the exciting world of tech but also make sure you understand how to use it to improve your business.

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