How to reduce Tech Issues?

When you don’t have a simplified website the fulfillment process can start to make you feel Anxiety, Confused, Overwhelm, and Loss of Initial Direction.

I find that this usually happens with e-commerce websites, memberships sites, and even what seems to be simple downloadable products. It can sometimes take just one misspelled word, edits after an automation is set up or even just a zapier downtime when one doesn’t have the proper notifications to click replay.

The simplest fix is usually hidden and one of the hardest to find for the untrained eye. Troubleshooting knowledge to identify what is wrong upfront ASAP thus saves time and money in the long run! That is why a good car mechanic can identify an issue sometimes just by the sound a car makes. 

Troubleshooting Tech Issues Process

Here is a process I go through whenever I troubleshoot a problem:

  • Is this something that can be restarted? If it is a plugin, disable and then enable (sometimes it is that simple)
  • Has this happened before? Is there any relationship between the two instances?
  • Is it continuing to happen or is it an isolated incident?
  • Are there too many steps? Do you have multiple softwares overwriting each other?
  • Are there any reported issues with the software or service you are using?
  • Is everything named right? Are IDs matching?
  • If you are trying to code is a bracket, semi-colon, parentheses missing?
  • Say out loud to yourself what the process, the data has to go through, does it make sense logically?


This is a process that I go through with myself before I go on to forum research and see if others have gone through the same issue. This process can take anywhere from 20mins to 2 hrs depending on the amount of experience you have and the amount of time you have spent with the software before. Don’t worry tech issues happen to the best of us. Yes even we have tech issues. I will be sitting at my desk and have a repeat issue over and over again. Then I will ask someone to take a look and when I go to show them the issue everything works perfectly fine. However sometimes its not that simple.