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EASY SHOPIFY TUTORIAL: Making ALL External Links Open up in a New Tab in Under 1 Minute

Hey! Here is a quick Shopify Tutorial about how to make all external links that lead away from your store open up into a new tab. Shopify can be restrictive sometimes but here is a work around.

1. Go to the Themes Tab If you don’t know where the Theme’s Tab is… it is under online store under sales channels on the left hand side.

2. Click Customize

3. Click Theme Actions in the bottom left

4. Click Edit Code

5. Add this code ( https://pastebin.com/embed_iframe/eHj…) below before the ending body bracket 6. Like, Comment, and Subscribe!

jQuery('a[href^="http"]').not('a[href^="{{ shop.url }}"]').attr('target', '_blank');

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