Invest in people that give you their attention

If someone takes the step to show they are interested in you, then they are worth spending money on to expedite the decision making process so eventually they will invest in you! People don’t have short attention spans, they have short interest spans. BE INTERESTING. You have to increase your relevance to them.

Install Your Facebook Pixel

To remarket on Facebook you need to go into your Ad Manager and make sure you have a pixel installed on your website. Then go to audiences within the pixel area and create an audience. ⁣

Based of this data you can create an audience based on what pages of your website people have seen, not seen, etc. There is so much you can do with this information.

Keep these questions in mind when setting up audiences:

  • What will your next step be?
  • How will you use this info to grow?⁣
  • Where are your customers on their buyers journey if they reach a particular page?

THIS is the kind of GOLDMINE technique that those people with screenshots of “spending X” and “getting back 100X” are using.⁣