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Build Your Website the Right Way

Lead Nerds is a distinguished WordPress development agency situated in DeLand, Florida. Our approach revolves around leveraging the prowess of the Elementor page builder and its integrated capabilities. We prioritize website speed and usability, striving to minimize plugin usage while harnessing the full potential of Elementor’s features. Our commitment lies in crafting websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for efficient performance. With a dedicated team focused on maximizing Elementor’s functionalities, we ensure a streamlined development process, delivering websites that excel in both speed and user experience.

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Incorporate Dynamic Functionality

Using Dynamic Functionality in a WordPress website means it can adapt to what each visitor wants. Instead of fixed content, it changes based on what people are looking for or doing on the site. This makes it more interesting for them and can lead to more sales or interactions.

For example, it might show different products to different people based on what they’ve looked at before. This makes the site feel more personal to each visitor.

It’s also good for showing up better on Google. Search engines like sites that update and change, so using dynamic features can help your site be more visible to people searching online.

In simple terms, using dynamic features in your website helps it match what each person wants, making it more engaging and possibly helping your business grow.

Take the Next Step to Website Clarity

Here is a glimpse into what to expect when building a website with Lead Nerds.

Free Consultation

In this free 20-minute consultation, we work to understand your current business operations, your goals, and any issues you may be experiencing to see if your business is a good fit for, Step 1: Workflow Visual Roadmap Session.

Preparation for the Full Visual Roadmap Session

Post-consultation, our team takes the information gathered and prepares for the full visual roadmap session. This involves creating a preliminary layout and identifying key areas of focus based on your input.

WVR One-Hour Session

This is where the real magic happens! In a one-hour session, we dive deeper into your operations. We ask pertinent questions, ensuring every aspect of your website is considered. We then create your Workflow Visual Roadmap, incorporating a website build plan.

Preliminary Design Meeting

After the one-hour session, we take the time to review the sitemap and create a wireframe for you to review during the Preliminary Design Meeting

Custom Design

We present to your your custom design for multiple reviews before development ensuring that your project stays on schedule and within budget.


After Design is approved we move to development where we will have several more reviews to refine: functionality, integrations, usability, and performance.


Once everything is approved we move to launch your website and provide a smooth transition between your old website and new if needed to minimize any SEO changes.

Our Projects Include These Features as Standards

We believe that there is no reason to build a website unless it is setup for success. This is why the following items are included in all of our website build as a standard.

Digital Strategy

We chart out your client's entire journey making sure they are tracked and integrated into follow-up sequences to ensure a positive experience with our Workflow Visual Roadmap Session.

Professional Website Design

We believe it is important that your website matches your brand message and cliental. Your business is unique and because of this a cookie-cutter theme doesn't give your website the soul it deserves.

Custom WordPress Development

With our custom WordPress Development using Elementor we combine the best of both worlds of customization and agile layout options. You don't have to worry about searching through code to change images and content with our WordPress builds.

Search Engine Optimization

We consider Search Engine Optimization to be a standard and because of this we build with SEO and Speed in mind. This provides a great experience for your website viewers and great returns when you launch your new website.

Your Trusted Nerds

Our team enjoys exploring the latest in technology and using it to assist your business. We’re well-versed in what’s new because we’ve had hands-on experience, and we’re here to guide you, just like a helpful friend. We’ll not only introduce you to the exciting world of tech but also make sure you understand how to use it to improve your business.

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