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Websites that
Customers To You


Lead Nerds is a full-service digital marketing team with collective experiences spanning web development, design, and advertising. We’ve worked with personal to larger-scale e-commerce brands.

Our passion for intuitive design helps make us the perfect match for your next business move. However, we don’t just rely on intuition to propose new design ideas. We use tools, analytics, and research to create marketing materials tailored to your ideal audience.

It all starts with a click, let’s keep the conversation going. We would love to hear more about your business goals and see if there are any gaps that we can fill for you.

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Online Dog Training

This client wanted to repurpose their recorded lessons in an easy-to-understand way for their users. By creating an online course they were able to grow

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by example.

At Lead Nerds our mission is to build strong digital foundations while maintaining real human connections.

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Frequently asked questions

While there are many resources today that can help solve your tech problems they can’t always be found in the same place.

We have always been that go to person that our tribe goes to for advice when it comes to tech purchasing and support solutions. 

We also decided it is time to share the knowledge.

You don’t have to have a website, however we would strongly recommend having a diverse content delivery strategy.

As algorithms change your ability to communicate to your community should not. A website offers you a home base that your followers can look at when they want to see what you are up to even if their feed doesn’t show your posts to them.

The social media platforms will change as the years go on, but we know how important it is to leverage your influence to be fruitful in your season.

Lead Nerds offers Website Development, Funnel Design, Digital Advertising Management, and Data Analytics services. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about what services that are best fit for you.

If you would like to learn more or have any other questions please email us at [email protected]