What is an SEO optimized Product Descriptions?

Perhaps you don’t know what SEO is, or why it matters. Let me explain it easily and effectively to you. That way, you will be able to understand why it is so important to spend time making sure your product descriptions are SEO-optimized.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving search engine rankings for a webpage or an internet site by obtaining high-quality inbound links and securing the popularity and relevance of the website as well as its pages. The goal is to rank higher than other competitors for desired keywords and phrases.

Because ranking higher will increase your chances of getting found by customers better.  Thus optimizing for SEO should be a top priority for any business owner.

You want to make sure you have a higher rank for the keywords people use to find you. If your products are showing up in search results, customers are more likely to click on them because they know exactly what they’re getting. You will in turn get a better conversion rate since optimized product descriptions will bring in customers that fit the ideal customer profile you have optimized for. It will also help reduce ad spend if your products are most relevant in search. This is why it is so important to know your audience. When you know who your ideal customer is you will be able to understand their needs and find ways to help build their trust with your business. More quality traffic means more conversions, more conversions means search engines, so see your content as relevant and it will boost your rankings even more.


Finding Keywords Through Target Audience Research

Now that you know what SEO is and have read about some of the benefits, your next step will be to learn how to optimize your product descriptions for SEO. These keywords should be strategically placed to increase product description SEO for your online store. Station these relevant keywords as input in locations like: meta descriptions, product titles, names of product images, and key features.

You can optimize a product based on different categories.

Here is an example of categories you can use as a starting point for optimizing listings:

  • Age
  • Industry
  • Sport

Here are the things you would want to keep in mind for your Product Description:

=>Age- Your product description can be targeted to a specific age group. For example, if you are selling toys for kids, consider using words like “Kids” or “Youngsters”. Another example, if you are selling a baseball bat for kids you would want to make sure to include: the word kid, the size of the bat, ages the bat is appropriate for, if the bat features any cartoon characters, etc.

=>Industry- This is the industry your product falls into. For example, if you sell a pen to construction workers you should include the characteristics construction workers are looking for in a pen. Another example, a pen with a sturdy barrel (so it won’t snap easily), the ability to be written in extreme weather conditions, etc. You can also include relevant industry lingo or slang that customers would recognize.

=>Sport- If you’re selling a product that is used in a particular sport then you should consider listing some of the different sports your product can be used in. For example, if you sell ergonomic pull up bars you may want to include features like ease of use, weight capacity , different types of grips available, etc. You can also include benefits that are specific to people in the same sport, like increased grip strength which is beneficial for rock climbers.

How do you write a SEO product description?

By narrowing your target audience, you are able to increase product description length and relevancy by talking about the specific use cases your product’s features are useful for. It is recommended to write out the product descriptions as you would and then insert keywords after. Use keywords to expand your writing and as a launching point to include more of what people would like solved.

You also want to make sure you do not use too much duplicate content as it can count against you. Search engines like SEO optimized product descriptions with unique content in them. An eCommerce website with too much keyword stuffing can have the opposite effect and flag the website as being bot created. You want to make sure your product pages are written in a way that is human focused.


Connect your Website to Google’s Search Console

The Google Search Console allows you to view a number of vital details in a single place about your website’s search engine optimization. This includes: the keywords you rank for, your organic traffic from Google, how much time users spend on your site after clicking on one of your links from Google, and the issues with your site that might be preventing users from finding what they need or taking action when they arrive at your site.

Google’s Search Console also provides additional information about errors that could be preventing people from visiting or engaging with your site. For instance, it will provide information about any server errors that occurred while attempting to visit a page on your website and it will show the result codes and the associated messages for those error codes. The Search Console will also show any crawl errors that prevent your site from being included in Google’s search results.

This is information that can be extremely helpful to merchants looking to optimize their listings, because it allows you to see what users are searching for when they find your competitors’ listings instead of yours. You could then use this knowledge to determine if there is a particular search term you should be targeting, and if not, then what is preventing your listing from showing up. If you’re looking to optimize your listings for SEO it’s important to be aware of the errors that are being reported in Google’s Search Console so that you can follow Google’s guidelines or advice on how to resolve them. The sooner you get Google Search Console setup the more data you have access to. This way if you ever choose to rebrand and switch to a different domain name you can keep tabs on SEO performance and fix any issues that arise.

Learn more about Google Search Console Here: https://search.google.com/search-console/about


Keyword tips for writing a better product descriptions

Make sure that your title will show up in search engines. We like to run AHERFS to find low competition keywords for the industries we want to target. By using reddit and Amazon reviews we find the gaps that other customers don’t like about a competitor’s product and address those issues in the description. The information about your product should be clear and concise but still detailed enough to get someone interested in your product.


Does product description affect SEO?

Yes, product descriptions affect the SEO of your website. Search engines use keywords so it’s important to include the keywords themselves as well as synonyms and words frequently also included this includes keywords from other languages since international customers are more likely to use those. You should also make sure your description isn’t too long, because if it’s too long no one will read it and you’ll be losing potential customers.

Finally, make sure to proofread your work. Grammar is extremely important in a product description since spelling mistakes can turn people off from buying from your site. Make sure you double check your descriptions to make sure there are no misspellings or other errors!


What are the benefits of optimizing your website for search engines?

Some of the benefits of optimizing your website for SEO include: improved search engine rankings, more brand exposure, and increased customer engagement. When your product descriptions are optimized for SEO you’re able to show up in more places on Google search engines as well as on third-party sites that aggregate data about products. This increased exposure can improve a store’s ranking on a search engine which will also increase their traffic. Plus, when your website is highly ranked, it will have a higher “trust” factor which can give customers confidence in making a purchase from your site. We like to use RankMath for our WordPress websites when it comes to optimizing.

The better optimized your website is, the more targeted customers you have coming to your website from search engines. They’re more likely to stay on your site longer and possibly make a purchase from you rather than going straight to Amazon because they know that they can find what they need on your site. If you would like to learn more about technical optimization like picking correct image formats read our article about JPG vs PNG here.